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OK. . .   
11:52pm 17/10/2005
  So here is what's up, I no longer update in this journal. . . **in a mocking voice** "Really? I hadn't noticed" Whatever. . . anyway, if you care to stay in touch I have a Xanga, GreatestJournal, and myspace. . . so if you want pick one. . . Poof**magic dust everywhere** and I'll add you or whatever. Hope to see ya all around.  

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01:24pm 01/09/2005
  Does anyone remember the website where all of the picture for faire 2 years ago are? HELP!!

Mucho Love,

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Let the waves wash over you. . . and clean whatever may be left   
04:30pm 18/08/2005
mood: artistic
It's been a bit since I've updated.

The first day of school was the worst day of my life, i started crying in 1st hour. yeah, it was the worst. . . then I ran into everyone after first hour(well almost everyone)

But Thur. and Fri. I got to go home early. 11:30 YAYNESS!! But on Monday TTC started. I LOVE IT!! it kicks ass!! Not even kidding and we haven't even started taking pictures! I've made some friends so its cool!

How many of you remember Katie? The one in all the 10th grade classes last year? Well she rides my bus, she thinks she's all big and bad. She's was being the biggest a-hole ever! First off our bus has WAY to many kids, so we have to sit two to a sit, She wouldn't ley anyone sit with her.

She said and I quote "I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a freshman sit next to me!" I yelled at her from the back of the bus "Katie you need to shut up cuz you were a freshman 3 months ago so move your fat ass!" I had to say somehting cuz the kid how asked to sit there was so shy and sad like.

Anyway she was a jerk,but the next day she shared a sit, after looking back to see what my face looked like. HA! XP And she acts like she's such a good person.

Anyway I'm developing a crash on this guy in my Photography class *___* So yeah. . .

I think people at shcool think I'm a stoner of something, cuz I got to school with Jana(I stayed over at her house) 35 minutes til school started so I got bored and started spinning in that open space in the buildings. It was fun.

Well. . . that's all!

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Please. . .   
12:13am 27/06/2005
  I started a poetry community sooooo if you write poems or like to read them please join. . . please. . .

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09:23pm 07/06/2005
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08:25pm 07/06/2005
  My new journal my old one is Camo_Kitty. I wanted a fresh start. I may make this journal friends only. . . not sure. . . We'll see. . .  

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